Saturday, January 8, 2011

School website turns a porno shocker in China

A Chinese school was shocked to find its website hacked and filled with porno pictures, days after the institution declined to buy advertising services of a country's leading search engine

Porno pictures popped up when students High School in Feidong County clicked on their school's website prompting the school officials to lodge a police complaint.

The link was fixed yesterday by Anhui's Internet police but not before the students and their parents had been shocked to see pornographic pictures and invitations to download videos on it.

School officials told state run Shanghai Daily that they suspect the hacking might have had something to do with Baidu or its business partners as it happened immediately after they rejected an offer of its promotional advertising services.

Their suspicion were strengthened as they could log into their website without any problem through Google or Sougou but it turned porno when logged through Baidu search engine, which is China's biggest controlling over 70 per cent of the market.

"A middle-aged man tried persuading us to purchase the service that guarantees the top position of the link," School's network director surnamed Zhu said.

"It costs 1,200 yuan for one year but we rejected the offer because the school doesn't need the advertising service."

Both Baidu and its associate company Wangxin Technology Company denied they were involved, when contacted by the Daily saying that some criminals might have been involved in it.

A Baidu customer service official also said it had nothing to do with the incident. It believed the school's system had been hijacked by foreign hackers, as they had found that the server of the attacker was located abroad, he said.

7 killed in West Bengal, Mamata parades bodies

The battle between the ruling Left Front and the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal has intensified and turned bloody. At least seven Trinamool supporters, including a woman, have been killed and 15 others injured at a rally at Lalgarh in West Bengal's West Midnapore district on Friday.

Trinamool leaders allege that Communist Party of India-Marxist cadres opened fire at their supporters. Trinamool leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay claimed that CPI(M) had let loose a reign of terror in the state.

"CPM is letting loose a reign of terror. CPM cadres are killing our men," said Bandyopadhyay.

A police officer said that the tragic incident happened at Netai village in Belatikri gram panchayat in Lalgarh police station area when some villagers surrounded a house suspecting it to be a hideout of armed CPI(M) cadre. They were fired upon from inside house resulting in the casualties.

Earlier, a CPI(M) leader identified as Dilip Mahto was gunned down in West Midnapore. Maoist posters were reportedly found near his body.

Trinamool Congress chief and Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee paraded the bodies of her party workers allegedly killed by Left Front cadres in Kolkata while accusing the West Bengal government of targeting her supporters.

The tale of Telangana

Now the crucial " Sri Krishna Committee" report is out on Telangana... the whole country's focus has shifted to the Telangana issue once again.

But for the people of Telangana, this has been a long drawn fight of 54 years. As a result of this fight, on December 9, 2009, Government Of India announced the formation of Telangana state after consulting all the political parties in AP. It also reiterated its promise in both houses of Parliament on Dec 11th & 12th of 2009..

There was a stiff opposition within the Congress party to this, from the coastal MPs. The Congress party failed to control the opposition by their own MPs against Sonia Gandhi's decision.. thus Sri Krishna committee was formed..

From day 1, i.e.right from the guide lines given to the committee (TOR) & the legal sanctity of the commitee every thing was done with utter carelessness .. the congress party did this just to buy some time to postpone the decision on Telangana formation..

After a years extensive (so called) research done by the committee... which include extensive touring of entire AP, they gave a report before 31 Dec 2010.

Getting into the details of the committee report;

1. This probably is the first committee which gave 6 opinions about a single issue and itself had declared that out of the 6 recommendations 4 were practically not possible, then why have those recommendations at all?

2. Another very dangerous trend this committee set ..for any other committee coming up in ever is out of a 9 chapter report { 505 pages } one entire chapter is given in a sealed cover only to the Home Minister of India.. and not to the public....than why mention it at all a committee of this type should its findings in public.

2. Out of the 6 recommendations committee eliminates 4 by its self.. out of the 2 remaining recommendations

a) First best option says: keep the state united, but provide certain constitutionally empowered committees to protect Telangana s interest. This is the current status of AP and since the very same idea failed. Telangana people are agitating for a separate,According to people of Telangana the first best option given by the committee is ruled out.

b) Next best option says, form Telangana state which is excellent, but the committee mention very derogatory remarks about the Muslims of Telangana which we firmly oppose and welcome their 5th recommendation of the committee... Committee or No Committee!

Irrespective of what the committee says; we the people of Telangana have been deprived of our fair share of resources, jobs, funds, respect & lived like second grade citizens in united Andhra Pradesh for the last 54 years.

We will not live in this kind of set up anymore... and want the " Telangana State Formation" bill to be introduced & Passed in the parliament in the Budget session...

The Government Of India has to honour to the promise it had made to the Telangana People and full fill it at the earliest and save hundreds of young lives ...

Jai Telangana!

Telangana report highlights

After going into all aspects of the situation as well as keeping in view the local, regional and the national perspectives, the committee has put forward the following solutions/possible options as the best way forward:

(i) Status quo: Some intervention is definitely required and though maintaining the existing status quo is an option, it is favoured the least.

(ii) Sreemandhra, Telangana and Hyderabad as UT: Definite likelihood of serious backlashes in the Telangana region. On overall consideration the Committee found this option not practicable

(iii) Rayala-Telangana and Coastal Andhra, with Hyderabad part of the former: May have economic justification (but) Committee believes this option may not offer a resolution acceptable to people of all three regions.

(iv) Seemandhra, Telangana and enlarged Hyderabad Metropolis as UT: Likely to receive stiff opposition from Telangana protagonists... may be difficult to reach a political consensus.

(v) Telangana and Seemandhra, with Hyderabad as capital of former: The continuing demand for a separate Telangana has some merit... the apprehensions of the Coastal Andhra and Rayalseema people and others settled in Telangana... would need to be adequately addressed. Considering all aspects, the Committee felt that... it will also throw up several other serious problems. The Committee did not think it to be the most preferred, but the second best option.

(vi) Undivided state with special measures for Telangana: It is proposed to keep the state united and provide Constitutional/Statutory measures to address the concerns about the development of the region. This can be done through establishment of a Telangana Regional Council with adequate transfer of funds, functions and functionaries. The Regional Council would provide a legislative consultative mechanism for the subjects...